Consider these factors when buying toys for 1-year-olds

Consider these factors when buying toys for 1-year-olds

Research shows that learning through playing is a vital part of a child’s development. Making sure your child has ample playtime is also a benefit to families to let their children release some energy. Through playing your child determine who they are, even in the early stage, the mind of a child is broadening by observing their environment. Playing offers your child a fantastic opportunity to practice and develop new skills at their pace with distinct interests. Toddlers are like little wanderers who learn by doing. The playthings and toys for 1 year olds have been available to shape her growth in vital ways.

Choosing toys for toddlers might seem easy, yet as you walk into a toy store you might be overwhelmed with a lot of options. There is a wide selection of toys that have been developed for the toddler market. Below are some helpful ideas for selecting toys that will grow, and nurture your child.

Guide in buying toys for your 1-year-old

Choose toys that encourage problem-solving and exploration

  • Playing offers children the chance to practice the latest skills. Toys that offer your kids a chance to determine something on their own or with some help. Promote their logical thinking skills and aid them to become constant problem-solvers. They also aid children understand how things fit together and developing their structural relations skills. Some examples are shape-sorters, puzzles, or nesting blocks.

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Choose toys that spark the imagination of your child

  • The creativity is taking off during their child’s third year as he is now able to take the role of someone else. Explore some toys that your child can use as he acts out and develop stories. Pretend play builds literacy and language skills, the ability to sequence, and problem-solving skills.

Consider toys that your child will grow with

  • A lot of parents experience buying a toy that the child plays with for only two days and never playing with it again. You can guard against that by searching for toys that can be enjoyed at various developmental stages. Examples are action figures, dump trucks, plastic toy animals, dolls, and stuffed animals.

Choose some toys that can be used in different ways

  • Toddlers love to dismantle, pull out, put back together, put in, build up, or add on. Look for toys that are open-ended in the sense that your child can enjoy different games with them. For example, interlocking blocks can be used for a spaceship, bridge, zoo, road, or road. These toys can spark the imagination of your child and support them in developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Look for toys that make your child more active

  • Toddlers are doing various kinds of tricks since they are more confident and stronger with their bodies.
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